Crowd Funding InPlace

What. InPlace is software for co-operation between citizens without intervening organisations. It is distrubuted, peer to peer, versatile and safe. It will be published under an Open Source license.

Why. InPlace is built on top of Perspectives. Researching and developing took us (Cor Baars, Joop Ringelberg) three years of fulltime work. We are not done yet. Moreover, InPlace is a new Common, collectively cared for and open to every citizen. It needs a community and we invite you to become a member, today. Join, co-finance, and thereby support our new Common!

Whom. The Open Source software is maintained by a Dutch Foundation, “Onze Meent” with a public, idealistic goal. Your money goes to this organisation. It pays for your first year of using the repository that holds all the Places you can clone to order your life.

When. We will open the Common on 01-01-2021. This is when

  • InPlace, the program, will be available for download;
  • the repository will be open;
  • your subscription starts.

How. Pay € 36,- by using one of the options below.

Together, we become independent of the tech giants. We will support ourselves!